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What is mining geomatics?

Mining geomatics is the knowledge and ability of using information systems to integrate and process spatial data about objects and phenomena occurring in the mining space in a way that enables the modelling and design of mining activities together with monitoring and visualising their state, analysing their changes and forecasting the effects of mining operations. "Mining Geomatics", ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 2023, 12(7), 278;

definition by Artur Krawczyk

Committee News - the commission's information:

On this section of website there are presented the alerts about commission's work or information about events related to the commission's activities.

Market News:

The presentation and systematics of actually used IT technologies in the geological-surveying Departments.


The local archive of the standarization and normalization documents and similar documents concerning the issues of the Commission. On this section of website will be published offers of new standards or guidelines developed in the framework of the commission.

Data collection:

On this website will be published information about adavantages of the application of modern surveying techniques - InSAR and measurements taken with the use of laser scanner. There will also be presented the possibilities of using a new type of data in Spatial Information Systems.


On these websites will be presented basic information about the Geomatics, about : what Mining Geomatics is, what its formal means are, how one can use it to standarization of the minig data.

Mining software:

Here you will find a list of programs.


On this website will be published teaching materials for self-learning of Geomatic's technologies. They will concern the issues of the application of CAD, GIS, XML, GML and application of the modeling techniques, designing and developing information systems with the use of object-oriented pradigm.


The president Ph.D. Artur Krawczyk - The Faculty of Geo-Data Science, Geodesy, and Environmental Engineering
Adrian Brol - The Management Office of PGG S.A. Leading Specialist in the Team of Technical Strategy, Investment and Project Management
Dariusz Biegun - Mine surveyor at KWK "Ziemowit - Piast"
Paweł Kosydor - The Management Office of KGHM Geoscience Department
Dominik Galica - IGSMiE PAN

The cooperation with SEP:

Beetwen 2010 and 2016 The Mining Geomatics Committee was a partner of The Underground Exploitation School. Within each school The Mining Geomatics Committee has taken patronage over the deliberations of the session Computer Science in Mining - Mining Geomatics. The Underground Exploitation School has expanded its range of initiatives with areas of acquiring, analysing, interpreting, disseminating and practical application of using geoinformation in the mining industry.

>> More information on cooperation The Mining Geomatics Committee with The Underground Exploitation School

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