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Mine Spatial Information Systems:

MPG Numerical surface documentation of O/ZG "Polkowice - Sieroszowice" KGHM PM SA. - SHH company (MicroStation Geographics - Oracle)

Computer Mapping of Mine Mines:

MapMine applied to KWK "Silesia", author's product - Adrian Brol, M.Sc. (MicroStation)

Map-DRAW package used at KWK "Piast" and KWK "Mysłowice", author's product - Dariusz Biegun, M.Sc. (AutoCAD: Lisp + Pascal + Delphi)

MWG97 - Map of Mine Workings used in O/ZG "Polkowice-Sieroszowice", product of "Compass" company

The OPGK Mine viewer is used in O/ZG "Lubin", a product of OPGK "Wroclaw" (MicroStation)

GEOLISP - System of Servicing Mine Numerical Maps is used at KWK "Brzeszcze" and KWK "Silesia", product of GEOLISP company (AutoCAD)

SoftMine Map KWK is used on LW "Bogdanka", a product of PRGW (Microstation 2004)

Databases of mining site deformation measurements:

OTG_Deformations - applied in O/ZG "Rudna", author's product - Paweł Kosydor, M.Sc.
(VB.NET application)

OPGK_Graph - applied in O/ZG "Lubin", product of OPGK "Wroclaw"
(VB6 application)

Databases of shaft casing deformation measurements

BPDSZ Database of Shaft Deformation Measurements - applied in O/ZG "Polkowice-Sieroszowice" author's product - Artur Krawczyk, Ph.D., KOTG WGGiI¦ AGH
(version 1 - VB6 Application, version 2 - VB.NET 2005 Application)

Programs for deformation prediction:

EDNOPN author product - Prof. Dr. Jan Białek
used on many coal mines, e.g.: KWK "Silesia", and many others,
(Application written in Pascal/Delphi)

MODEZ product authored by Ryszard Hejmanowski Ph.D. prof AGH, Andrzej Kwinta, KOTG WGGiI¦ AGH, applied at LGOM mines: O/ZG "Lubin", O/ZG "Polkowice-Sieroszowice", O/ZG "Rudna".
(Application written in Access 2000 and calculation libraries in Delphi)

"Pity" - Author Eligiusz Jędrzejec GIG employee.
(Application written in Delphi)

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